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Camillas sharings are individual and/or group sessions, seminars, and retreats. She is aiming to inspire people to be their own teacher, to listen to their own body and soul where lovelight, universal wisdom and divine guidance is held. Camilla is Hatha yoga Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher, and she will take you deeper into awareness and unity through intensified awareness, meditation and yoga practices.

Your own body and inner essence know perfectly well how it is best for you to move - In this form of letting go we are releasing the old and letting in the new energies and life potential. By really listening to our physical body, and harmonizing physical, emotional and mental bodies, you are uniting body, mind and energy. This is the real purpose of yoga. The meaning of my name, 'Camilla' is; ''a servant at sacred service/offering''. So if your offering is your sufferings then I want to assist you in letting go of that, and discover the true gifts and treasures of your soul.

Camilla have trained with the following spiritual teachers:

Janice Emily Haugen; Reiki Master Teacher, Mr and Mrs Mandlik; Founders of Yoga Vidya Gurukul Yogashram. Herdis Dyvik; Laughteryoga instructor, B.Devadas Rao; Kriya yogashari, Panda Chi; Taichi, Chi Kung, Chakra healing, Dr Lobsang Dhondup; Tibetan Classical Massage and energy balancing, Peruquis Frances; Voice of the sacred feminine Vocal yoga, Hariprem Swami; Tantra Teacher, Tanith MaDeva; Tantra, Mr S.N. Goenka; Vipassana Meditation, Per Wibe; Kriya Yoga, Parabhakti Ragnar Grøn; Kriya Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, OSHO International Foundation; OSHO Active Meditations, Tantra Essence School of Ma Ananda Sarita; Chakra and womans weekends.


Camilla Danielsen


YOGA Teacher

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500) in Yoga Alliance since February 2010, and has got a Diploma of Yogic studies from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Trimbak, Maharashtra, India. She completed yoga teacher training in may 2009, and advanced yoga teacher training in 2010. Primary style is Hatha Yoga. Since spring 2009 Camilla have been self employed as a yoga teacher and healer, running her own studio in Helgeland region, North Norway. She gave post pregnancy courses with mothers and babies, as well as specially designed yoga seminars for public administration, and business-yoga to private and public companies and organisations like teachers at public cultural school. She was a mindfulness facilitator with artists working on contemporary art projects. Camilla has got experience in facilitating group- and private yoga-sessions for children with ADD/ADHD, young girls and adults. She have worked with age groups ranging from age of 6 to 77 year old people, and all different shapes and sizes. Camilla has also been working on a project where she was a part of a coaching team for women developing and setting their dreamprojects into life and creating their own workplace.

Reiki Master Teacher and Therapist.

Camilla was initiated Reiki Master Teacher in june 2009, after training with Reiki Master Teacher Janice Emily Haugen. Camilla has given Reiki level 1+2 seminars to several people, doing mentoring work and worked as Reiki therapist from own clinic, with both hands on and distant healing. Camilla also used Reiki to facilitate the mother through labour during work in birthing clinic, and when patients are open to this alternative method of taking care of self she share it with them in her work as a nurse. Camilla also practice sound healing with use of her voice and Tibetan singing bowls, in the work with dementia patients this have been successful to help settle the patients, together with toning and soft humming song. Camilla has worked with Tibetan classical massage, as well as instructing laughter yoga classes, and meditative free dance classes.

Sound healing with use of singing/toning, Tibetan singing bowls and/or shamanic drum.

Camilla started using her voice while giving Reiki sessions, it is like some native song without words, only pure voice. It is like the energy of your soul are channeled through Camilla's voice when she sings. Sometimes the energies from nature is expressed also, and it mixes in with Camillas energy, and all energies of course, as we're all connected in our hearts. So you can experience your heart in the presence of another open heart. Singing is a very effective way to open up, clear and cleanse our energy body.

Registered Nurse

Camilla graduated from Flinders university of South Australia with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2004, and she worked in aged care since 1998. She worked as a Registered Nurse in acute care settings in various surgical wards at Public hospitals in both Norway and Australia. Also worked in a birthing clinic, assisting in child delivery.

Style of teaching YOGA

In Camilla's classes you will be led through Hatha yoga practice which help to balance body, mind, spirit. Yin yoga is the feminine aspect and the asana is held for long time, typically five minutes. Tantra is the expansion of sexual energy, and self pleasure awareness is the focus here. Bhakti is the devotional yoga, appraising spirit, singing and celebration of the divine. Camilla want to encourage you to find your own yoga and move in the way YOUR body want to move, not necessarily the way the teacher say. Let your amazing physical body be your teacher, through listening to this teacher you will also experience your presence, the inner light, your true nature

Camilla's style of teaching yoga is rooted in hatha yoga which is where her training come from, although Tantric meditation practices is applied. Yin yoga are a great part of Camillas own practice and she is training with Ina Løvdal at the moment to get certification as Yin Yoga teacher 200 hrs. The Reiki energy is always part of Camilla's work. Sometimes there might be laughter, and sometimes there are tears, sometimes anger, also so much joy! All feeling and emotions are welcome, Love is in everything, everything is love. <3

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